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What is at your service today, with the brand name THE ONE sanitary valves, is a new brand from an old familiar name.

With modern and exquisite designs, THE ONE will accompany you to be the best…

Iranian Gostar Moghiseh Industrial Complex, with its new THE ONE brand since its establishment in 1993, has experienced continuous growth in production capacity, specialized forces, technology development, and competition in the fields of quality and price
The company as a leader in the field of construction sanitary valves with sustainable product development for high-quality, creativity, and innovation in its design in line with the latest achievements, modern machinery, and national standards of Iran, has received international certificates in 2014, ISO -9001, and ISO10002, and has significantly contributed to the development of the country’s construction industry.
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Construction Valves

Today, one of the main appliances used in any home is sanitary valves (built-in and surface valves). People buy sanitary valves based on their appearance, quality, and price. Due to the economic conditions of the country and price fluctuations, you should consider important matters when buying home sanitary valves so that you would not have to pay for repairs or have the need to replace them later.

In this article, we will explore the issues influencing quality and price, and the factors you should consider when buying a product, in order to guide you on a great purchase.

What kind of materials are used for sanitary valves?

In general, the main body of sanitary valves are made of brass metal. Some valves under different brand names use brass metal with a high percentage of lead. When purchasing, make sure to ask the merchant about the material used for manufacturing the valves. This matter is vital because the material of sanitary valves is one of the key factors affecting its quality and price. After using such a product for some time, lead reacts with water, causing corrosion resulting in a kind of rot that can be transferred into drinking water and endanger human health.

What kind of material should be used for sanitary valve coverings?

Once we have figured out the material used for the body of the sanitary valves, we should consider the material used for the cover of sanitary valves. Plating or the outer shell of the valves is the final coating process. High-quality plating and its thickness are important factors that you should consider when buying sanitary valves. The better the plating quality and the thicker it is will consequently result in the valves lasting longer and taking less damage and becoming worn away in the long term.

There are different types of coatings for plating sanitary valves. A variety of colors such as gold, matte gold, black, white, chrome, or even red and yellow are amongst the colors considered for sanitary valve covers.

What is the best valve cover used?

Chrome coating is one of the best coatings available in the market. This coating is one of the best sellers on the market. Chrome coating has high resistance to decay, and in terms of appearance, it leaves fewer water stains. Other existing sanitary valve covers are more expensive.

Another crucial factor that affects the quality of sanitary valves is the quality of their plating. If the plating quality is high and desirable, the resistance of the valve is much higher and has a longer life. However, we should state that in the current time, to improve the quality of sanitary valve covers, the PVD method is used for coating and plating the valves. The use of this method results in abrasion resistance and durability.

A guide for purchasing sanitary valves

A guide for purchasing sanitary valves Be cautious and purchase sanitary valves from well-known brands that deliver high-quality products. Some people may not be able to afford to buy high-end expensive sanitary valves. Paying a higher price for a valve does not necessarily mean that it is of high quality. It is worth mentioning that setting a low budget for your purchase will soon result in causing you problems.

Less-expensive cheaper valves have lower resistance, are made of poor quality material, and result in the water becoming waste, damaging this national and human resource; and in the short term, you will have to repurchase and replace the sanitary valves. Make sure to pay attention to the standard sign that indicates the product quality when purchasing.

Which country and which brand produces a better quality material?

If you go to the market to buy valves, you will soon realize that many brands from different countries produce and sell sanitary valves. The variety of products in the market is dramatically high. It is not possible to name or compare a specific brand or country with another, because today, China, under the license of European and American companies, is producing and supplying all kinds of sanitary valves and its parts.

In addition to this, China alone is producing and marketing similar products with lower quality. Yet again, we should mention that these products are not much different from licensed products. Moreover, concerning this issue, some domestic companies in Iran import Chinese parts and then assemble them under the license of European companies and supply them to the market with after-sales service.

However, we should mention that the quality of these products is good. When attempting to purchase such products, do not focus on the brand and the country that has manufactured it. The variety of similar products on the market is so great that you may not be able to compare them to one another in a proper manner. For purchasing a decent sanitary valve for your needs, focus your attention on a product that you know of its material details.

What are the features of a high-quality valve?

Sanitary valves are one of the most widely used devices that we all have to deal with many times during the day. The characteristics of a good valve, which plays an important role in its quality, are that all its parts, including the connection nut, body, and hose must be designed and manufactured in such a way that it does not change at 90 ° C water temperature and the alloy body should also be resistant to high cold. Therefore, the alloy material used in valves is very important. Remember to pay attention to production standards when buying such products to have made a desirable and reliable purchase.